The Villages

The Municipality Aristotle covers the majority of mountain villages with unique natural beauty. The place is rich in history that holds many thousands years of tradition and culture. It produces many local and organic products, while have tourism development.


The only inhabited island of Central Macedonia has developed into a tourist destination in Northern Greece. With an area not exceeding 4.5 square. Mileage with low hills, few trees and beautiful beaches, the island of Ammouliani is what you need for a one-day excursion.


Many characterize Nea Roda as the largest settlement of refugees arriving in South Halkidiki after the Asia Minor Catastrophe. The name of states and origin of the inhabitants (the Roda of Propontidas). About 40 families decided to settle after much wandering at "Provlakas" meaning before the groove, before the Canal of Xerxes in the summer of 1923. The resisdents involved in the forages and tourism.


Ouranoupolis is the last secular place where the visitor arrives intending to visit Mount Athos, but its name has not in fact that is the "gateway" to the monastic state. He took its name from the Alexandrian city founded in 315p.Ch. Alexarhos, son of Antiparos and brother of Cassander. In the summer has many visitors who visit mainland to go to Mount Athos. Most residents work in tourism since it has many rooms and tourist shops selling souvenirs.


It is a mountain village in Halkidiki, built amphitheatrically in a landscape with lush vegetation at the foot of Mount Holomontas at an altitude of 600 meters. There are narrow, cobbled streets and squares remain still samples an old local community.


Finds itself built at the foot of Stratonikos terms (Strempenikos), with an altitude of about 500 meters. The village is on the main road of Thessaloniki-Ouranoupolis. The great Greek philosopher Aristotle was born in Stageira Ancient, about 8 km. northwest, historical continuity which the current settlement is considered.